Leonardo.ai review: Price, features and benefits

Leonardo.ai Review

In the ever-changing world of graphic design, artificial intelligence-based tools are gaining popularity. Leonardo AI presents itself as a strong contender in this space, offering a user-friendly and feature-rich platform for image generation. This article provides an in-depth analysis of Leonardo AI, its features, advantages and disadvantages, and its positioning compared to other tools on the market.

What is Leonardo.ai?

Leonardo.ai is an image generation engine based on artificial intelligence technology. It allows creating images from text descriptions, offering an intuitive user interface and a wide range of features for content creators.

History of Leonardo AI

Developed by a passionate team of researchers and engineers, Leonardo.ai aims to democratize graphic creation by making advanced technologies accessible to everyone. Since its launch, it has attracted a diverse user base, from hobbyists to design professionals.

Leonardo.ai features for image generation

leonardo.ai feature

AI image generation

Leonardo.ai allows you to choose from a selection of high-quality AI models and experiment with different settings and presets. This flexibility allows users to easily incorporate style elements or upload their own works for precise control over their creative output. With Leonardo AI, image generation becomes a personalized and adaptable process, capable of meeting the specific needs of each creative project.

Canvas Editor

Canvas Editor is a powerful tool for enhancing and modifying key details of your artwork. This built-in editor lets you generate new visuals, edit and polish your work, add text, and extend your image beyond the original borders of your art. All of this is accessible in one easy-to-use tool, providing a comprehensive platform for image editing and enhancement.

Convas editor

convas editor leonardo.ai image modification

AI Canvas offers complete creative control with its canvas editor. This tool allows you to visually correct and refine details, modify styles, expand content seamlessly, and create impressive composite works and photomontages using inpainting and outpainting techniques.

Canvas in Real Time

Real-Time Canvas is an instant, ultra-fast AI draw-to-image tool. It lets you explore a range of styles, grab your prompt, and see your image transform before your eyes. This tool is perfect for stimulating new ideas or taking precise control over your composition. With Real-Time Canvas, users can experiment and refine their concepts dynamically and in real time.

Upscale Universal

The Enhance and Upscale Your Images feature allows you to add new levels of detail and resolution to your images, photos, illustrations and drawings. You can upload an image from your device or choose one from your personal feed to enlarge it. An optional text prompt can guide the Universal Upscaler and influence the final result. Compare your enlarged image with the original using a slider, explore the enlarged images in the carousel, and download the refined images.

Improve your images with leonardo.ai

AI Video Generation

It offers a creative platform with a range of tools to help you with artificial intelligence video generation. Start by generating a base image, then refine and upscale that image before turning it into an animated video in moments. This progressive approach ensures precise control over each step of video creation, allowing you to create dynamic and engaging videos.

Benefits of Leonardo AI

Intuitive user interface

Leonardo.ai’s interface is designed to be simple and intuitive. Even users without prior experience in AI image generation can quickly master the tool with clear navigation and detailed user guides.

Customization Capabilities

Customization of AI models is a major strength of Leonardo AI. This feature allows creators to develop images that accurately reflect their unique style, opening up new creative possibilities.

Generous free offer

Leonardo.ai has a free plan that allows users to generate up to 150 images per day. This generosity allows users to test and explore the tool’s capabilities without an upfront financial commitment.

Disadvantages of Leonardo AI

I have not yet discovered a fault, unless your prompt is poorly written, you risk having an off-topic image.

Leonardo AI Pricing and Subscription Plans

The site offers several subscription plans to suit different needs and budgets. Here is a detailed overview of the different options available:

leonardo.ai subscription price

Free Plan

Price : 0$ / month (Forever)

Features :

  • Experience with basic functionality
  • 150 quick tokens, daily reset
  • No image generation in relaxed mode
  • No video generation in relaxed mode
  • No upscales in relaxed mode
  • No additional pending tasks
  • No private generations
  • No additional collections
  • No model training
  • No model retention
  • No priority infrastructure
  • No competing generation

This plan is ideal for those who want to explore the basic features of Leonardo AI without any cost.

Apprentice Plan

Price : 12$ / month (excluding taxes)

Features :

  • Discover premium features
  • 8500 fast tokens, reset on billing date
  • No image generation in relaxed mode
  • No video generation in relaxed mode
  • No upscales in relaxed mode
  • Up to 5 pending tasks
  • Private generations
  • Creation of up to 5 collections
  • Training of 10 models per month
  • Retention of up to 10 models
  • Priority infrastructure
  • 2 competing generations

This plan is perfect for those looking to experience premium features and experiment more.

Artisan Unlimited plan

Price : $30 / month (excluding taxes)

Features :

  • Unlimited image generations
  • 25000 fast tokens, reset on billing date
  • Unlimited relaxed mode image generation once fast tokens are exhausted
  • No video generation in relaxed mode
  • No upscales in relaxed mode
  • Up to 10 pending tasks
  • Private generations
  • Creation of up to 15 collections
  • Training of 20 models per month
  • Retention of up to 20 models
  • Priority infrastructure
  • 3 competing generations

This plan is ideal for heavy users who need unlimited image generations.

Maestro Unlimited plan

Price : $60 / month (excluding taxes)

Features :

  • Unlimited generations of images and videos
  • 60,000 fast tokens, reset on billing date
  • Unlimited relaxed mode image generation once fast tokens are exhausted
  • Unlimited relaxed mode video generation once quick tokens are exhausted
  • Coming soon – unlimited Alchemy upscales
  • Up to 20 pending tasks
  • Private generations
  • Creation of up to 50 collections
  • Training of 50 models per month
  • Retention of up to 50 models
  • Priority infrastructure
  • 6 competing generations

This plan is intended for users who need maximum capabilities for image and video generation.

Team plans

  • Expand your imagination with friends and teams
  • Share tokens with team members and collaborate
  • Streamline workflows, increase productivity
  • Strengthen your team, protect your intellectual property
  • Intelligent team management tools and centralized billing

Team Plans will offer collaborative solutions for groups of creators looking to work together effectively.

Comparison with other tools

Leonardo.ai vs. Midjourney

Midjourney is known for its photorealistic images, while Leonardo AI stands out for its customization skills and user-friendly interface. Although Midjourney offers superior image quality in some cases, Leonardo.ai excels in creative flexibility and accessibility.

Leonardo.ai vs. SLAB

DALL-E is another AI image generation tool developed by OpenAI. Although it offers exceptional image quality, Leonardo.ai stands out for its advanced editing tools and ease of use, making it an attractive choice for less experienced users.

User experiences

User Testimonials

Many users praise the ease of use and the quality of the images generated. Graphic designers particularly appreciate the ability to customize AI models, allowing them to produce unique works tailored to their specific needs.

Case studies

Case studies show how Leonardo.ai has helped businesses and individual designers improve their graphic design process. For example, a design agency used Leonardo AI to generate visual concepts quickly, reducing production time by 50%.

My verdict on this superb Leonardo.ai tool

Leonardo.ai is a powerful and innovative tool for AI image generation. Its advanced features, ease of use, and customization capabilities make it an attractive choice for a wide range of users. Although it has some limitations in terms of realism, the advantages it offers far outweigh these disadvantages.


Is Leonardo.ai suitable for beginners?

Yes, it is designed to be accessible even to beginners thanks to its intuitive interface and user guides.

What are the costs associated with Leonardo AI?

It offers several subscription plans, with a free offer for 150 generations per day and premium options starting at $10 per month.

Can Leonardo.ai replace a human graphic designer?

No, although it is a powerful tool, it is designed to assist graphic designers, not to replace them. The human touch remains essential for truly unique creations.

Is it easy to get started with?

Yes, thanks to a simple interface and clear instructions, it is easy to get started with Leonardo AI, even without prior AI experience.

Is Leonardo AI free?

Leonardo.ai offers a free version allowing you to generate up to 150 images per day, ideal for testing its capabilities before subscribing to a premium subscription.

How accurate are the images generated?

The generated images are high quality, but may require a bit of editing to achieve perfect realism, especially compared to tools like Midjourney.

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