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In a world whereInternet and the mobile phones are omnipresent, the digital surveillance has become a major concern for many people. Parents want to protect their children from online dangers, while employers want to ensure their employees are using company resources wisely. It is in this context that the application mSpy has emerged, offering a complete solution to meet these needs. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the technical features of mSpy, as well as user feedback.

What is mSpy? A technical overview

mSpy is a modern monitoring application designed to allow parents to track their children’s activities on their mobile devices and computers. As a parental control tool, it offers peace of mind by providing access to various data such as text messages, calls, GPS location, and much more.

The application stands out for its ease of use and its rapid installation, allowing parents to begin monitoring almost immediately after acquisition. Discretion and security are also strong points of this software, ensuring that surveillance activity remains confidential.

The main characteristics

mSpy is packed with essential features for effective monitoring. These include message and call tracking, GPS tracking, application and program control, and social media monitoring. These tools not only make it possible to know who children are communicating with, but also to detect possible risky behavior.

Additionally, it allows access to multimedia content of the target device, such as photos and videos, and offers the ability to monitor emails and browser bookmarks. All this information is accessible via a secure online dashboard, where data is presented in a clear and accessible manner.

How does mSpy work?

Installation is very simple and only requires a few steps. After purchasing a subscription, the user receives detailed instructions to download and install the application on the target device. Once installed, mSpy begins collecting data in the background without interfering with device performance.

The collected data is sent to mSpy’s server, where it is encrypted and stored securely. Users can access this information through their online account, where they can view and analyze the activities of the target device at any time and from any location, provided they have an Internet connection.

Advantages and disadvantages of mSpy

Positive reviews
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Negative reviews
Ease of use
Technical support
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The advantages of mSpy

It is a reputable monitoring software, which has several strong points that set it apart in the market. First of all, its installation process is remarkably easy, providing users with a quick and hassle-free setup. This ease of installation is complemented by a wide range of monitoring features, allowing users to monitor various aspects of activity on targeted devices. Additionally, remote installation on iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad, is a significant advantage for users looking for a convenient solution. In terms of performance, it stands out for its stability and reliable performance, ensuring smooth operation of the monitoring software. Users benefit from quality customer service, ready to answer their questions and resolve their problems efficiently. And finally the positive point, the quality/price ratio is another strong point, offering exceptional value compared to other surveillance solutions available on the market.

Disadvantages of mSpy

However, like any application, mSpy has drawbacks. For example, some features may be limited on non-routed or non-jailbroken devices, which could restrict the user experience for some.

Additional fees are charged for telephone support, which may be perceived as a hassle or additional cost for users requiring direct assistance over the telephone. Additionally, although the software offers technical support, it is subject to additional charges for increased priority, which could be a disadvantage for users seeking fast and efficient support at no additional cost. These drawbacks should be considered by potential users when evaluating whether Mspy meets their monitoring needs.

Comparison with other similar apps

Comparing mSpy to other monitoring apps on the market, it’s clear that it stands out for its rich features and reliability. However, there are competitors who offer similar services, sometimes at more competitive prices or with additional features.

Alternatives like Qustodio or Kaspersky Safe Kids also offer in-depth parental monitoring, but each with their own advantages and limitations. It is therefore essential for consumers to weigh the available options and choose the app that best meets their specific monitoring and budget needs.


Mspy monitoring software is a complete solution for users wanting to monitor and control mobile device usage. With an impressive feature set, it offers users a wide range of tools to track and manage activity on smartphones and tablets. With no less than 26 distinct features.

  • View private chats on social media
    • WhatsApp
    • Skype
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Viber
    • Telegram
    • Tinder
    • Snapchat
    • Kik
    • line
  • Read his text messages and emails
    • SMS messages
    • iMessages
    • Emails
    • Hangouts
  • Track your location
    • GPS tracking
    • Geofencing
  • See everything he or she types
    • Keylogger
    • Keyword Alerts
    • Screen recorder
  • Manage your online business
    • Navigation history
    • Favorites
    • Website Blocker
    • App blocker
    • Wi-Fi networks
  • Find out who he or she is calling or meeting
    • Call logs
    • Contacts
    • Diary
  • Find out what’s stored on your phone
    • Pictures
    • Videos
    • Installed apps
  • Get the best monitoring experience
    • Control panel
    • Support Options
Mspy features

Price and package

Mspy offers a flexible pricing range to meet each user’s monitoring needs. For those who want short-term monitoring, the monthly plan is available at €29.99 per month. However, our most popular offer is the 3 month plan, priced at €33.66, which equates to just €16.83 per month. This plan includes all of Mspy’s premium features and is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, providing comprehensive and seamless monitoring. Additionally, invisible mode ensures that the app works discreetly in the background, without arousing suspicion. For those looking for a longer-term commitment, the 12-month plan offers the best value, at just €7.08 per month. With these competitive rates, Mspy provides effective and affordable monitoring to ensure users’ security and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to test Mspy before purchasing?

Yes, you have the option to test mSpy before purchasing it. We offer a 7-day free trial that allows you to explore the software’s features. This trial period allows you to learn in detail how mSpy works and test its monitoring capabilities. This way you can make an informed decision before committing to a subscription. Take this opportunity to evaluate whether mSpy meets your monitoring needs.

Is it legal to use mSpy?

The use of mSpy is subject to some important legal considerations. The legality of its use depends on several factors, including the country you are in. Surveillance laws vary widely from country to country, so it is imperative to check local laws before using mSpy.

Another important factor to consider is the type of consent you have obtained. If you have obtained explicit consent from the person you wish to monitor, then using mSpy is generally considered legal. However, in certain circumstances consent may be implied. For example, monitoring your own minor children may be considered implied. On the other hand, using mSpy without consent is categorically illegal and can have serious legal consequences.

Will my child know that I installed mSpy on their phone?

It’s possible that your child will notice mSpy installed on their phone, but it depends on several factors. First of all, the type of device plays an important role. On Android devices, mSpy can be more easily detected, especially with the free version which requires the installation of an app visible in the apps list. But, the Pro version for Android can be installed in “stealth” mode, which makes it harder to spot. On the other hand, on iPhones, mSpy requires jailbreaking the device, which can be detected by the user.

Your child’s alertness is also a crucial factor. Older, tech-savvy kids are more likely to notice changes to their phone, like the appearance of a new app or unusual battery usage. In contrast, younger children are less likely to detect these subtle changes.

How do I know if my child has detected mSpy?

If you’re wondering if your child has discovered mSpy on their phone, there are several signs that can help you determine.

  • If he starts asking you questions about mSpy or phone monitoring in general, it could indicate that he is aware of something unusual on his device.
  • If you notice a sudden change in his behavior when using his phone, such as a reluctance to use it or unusual usage, this could also be a sign of detection.
  • Another clue could be the use of another phone or device to communicate, which could indicate an attempt to circumvent surveillance.
  • If you notice that the mSpy app has been unexpectedly uninstalled from your child’s device, it is likely that they have discovered its presence.

My Final Verdict on mSpy

MSpy presents itself as a solid solution for parents looking to monitor their children’s activity on electronic devices. With its extensive tracking and analysis features, the app provides a secure environment for managing young users’ digital lives.

However, it is crucial to consider the pros and cons reported by users before committing to a subscription. Every family has unique needs, and what works for one may not be ideal for another. Reviews from current users are a valuable resource to inform this choice and ensure long-term satisfaction with the product.

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